CHAPTER 8: Chapters

CHAPTER 8: Chapters A novel is a structure of structures.44 At the beginning of this book, we started with the broadest overall structure, the Premise, progressed through the more detailed Novel Diagram with its plot points and reversal, and now we … Continue reading

CHAPTER 5: Irony

CHAPTER 5: Irony Creating the fictional world is difficult. Sometimes, no matter how brilliant your writing, it just doesn’t seem to jell. You provide exquisite description, active, intelligent characters, and yet the novel won’t come to life. Nothing seems to … Continue reading

CHAPTER 3: Character

CHAPTER 3: Character Character motivations, wishes and desires, are the driving forces behind the novel. Character emotion exerts dramatic pressure on the storyline and forces it forward. Therefore, without interesting, highly motivated characters the novel loses its emotional impact. The … Continue reading


CHAPTER 2: Plot Just as most of the metals with which a blacksmith works are amalgams and alloys, a novel is generally said to have three constituents: plot, characterization, and setting.8 Plot is the author’s contrivance of storyline, its narrative structure. … Continue reading