CHAPTER 14: Final Thoughts

CHAPTER 14: Final Thoughts

Writing a novel will probably be the most complex and intellectually challenging project you’ll ever undertake. Proper preparation and attention to craft is crucial to seeing the project through to a successful conclusion. That has been the sole purpose of this narrative. Academics have struggled for generations trying to teach the subject, and to my way of thinking, not done very well because they teach novel writing as a part of creative writing rather than as a separate, more advanced, subject. You have to include the entire subject if you want to teach the basics of novelsmithing.

I would just like to repeat my words of caution. What you have learned from these pages should not be taken as dogma. Locking into a process like this can stifle your creativity. Many great novels would be difficult to analyze in these terms. What this approach should provide is a structure through which you can unlock many of the forces at work in literature. But trust to the dictates of the story you are telling.

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Good luck.

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